Only Hope by Switchfoot


Here's the next song recently performed by my brother and I in response to a YouTube user who requested for it. Here's Only Hope, by Switchfoot (Great band, go hear their other CDs to like New Way To Be Human, Learning To Breathe). It was made famous by Jonathan Foreman and Mandy Moore in the movie, A Walk To Remember.

The tabs below reflect both what my brother and I are playing. Enjoy!

Check out the 2nd video for the instrumental version:

Here's my first instrumental video after a really long time! Reason being that I've been really busy with all the other "administrative" stuff on the blog, like chording the Christian Music songs, and keeping up with tabbing the new videos my brother has been regularly posting.

I picked up the guitar one day and realized that I could do something with the song. It was quite easy incorporating the melody with the song, so this is what I came up with, after some practicing. I'm still amateurish when it comes to coming up with instrumentals, and you'll see that the chords used are actually pretty simple. Made a small mistake in the middle of the bridge, but the tabs are written correctly for that part, so you can follow that.

Enjoy the song and download the tabs at this link:

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